Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Searching for places to visit

I love food! I'm trying to eat Vegan these days which probably means I will have to go a bit more out of my way to get good food on the road... Just came across this article via Slashfood for 9 great small towns for good food

1. Ashville, NC (Someone already suggested I go here cause it's cool)
2. Danville, CA
3. Ithaca, NY
4. Edgartown, MA
5. Lawrence, Kansas
6. Ojai, CA
7. Burlington, VT
8. Evanston, IL
9. New Haven, CT

I've also heard things about Madison, WI about farmer's markets anyway... and Hardwick, VT... also known as The Town that Food Saved which I am curious to check out... though my food budget is pretty limited. Any advice for towns with great food or great farmer's markets would be awesome!

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