Thursday, May 12, 2011

The plan for the next few days

I'm leaving tomorrow morning! Yay! I've almost found all my stuff, the car is almost completely packed... It started out with lots of space but that is slowly becoming not the case. Picture of the car set up soon. Today I made screens for my windows for when I have to sleep in it. They attach with magnets to the outside of the car.

Here's the plan!

Tomorrow: Leave Seaford, DE! Stop in Dover to pick up my rehabilitated sewing machine, drive to York, PA to visit the Pomper brothers whom I met 2 summers ago at Yestermorrow (and haven't seen since!)
Saturday: Depart York in the morning, stop for lunch with my college roommate from Freshman (and sophomore) years, Meredith, in Middlesex, NJ, then head over to my friend Kayanna at Yale who I haven't seen since winter back home in Oregon, go out for sushi, stay in New Haven
Sunday: Drop Kayanna off at the airport in time for an 8:20 am flight (I might regret this offer :P) on my way up to Rupert, finally arriving Vermont, where I will be staying for 2 weeks.

Today I canceled my netflix and packed some extra books in my car... feeling good about how my brain is going to feel on this epic journey :)
Leg 1 of the trip (or leg 2 if you count this R&R/packing time in DE) is about to be underway!

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