Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keeping busy!

So many firsts! Yesterday I drove an ATV for the first time, it was fun but I didn't go too fast, I really wanted to finish the trailer- I might take it out for a little joy ride later this week. The riding mower got stuck in some much so I drove it while Dan pulled it with the ATV. So I also drive a riding lawn mower for the first time! I got most of the new wood on the trailer yesterday and today I finished. Unfortunately after moving the trialer part of the wood broke off- turns out the holes I drilled for the latch are a little too close to the edge. I then applied timber oil to the whole thing so tomorrow when it's dry I will fix the latches and start on the compost sieve. Having people here over the weekend was great and also exhausting. Last night we had curry dinner (amazing) and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! It was a perfect evening :) I can feel it getting buggier, I came in cause as the sun is setting behind the mountains and drizzles of rain are sliding through the bugs are coming out in greater numbers... and they sure do love me!

I think tonight we'll play another boardgame, now that we had a night off :), and eat nachos. My friends here at Farm #1 are gluten free and also relatively dairy free. Yet, they make the best nachos ever! It's all in the toppings: sauteed greens and onion. They also found a non-dairy cheese that actually melts and has the texture of cheese. I'm not normally interested in fake cheese, but I can't tell the difference with these nachos, in part because my tastes buds are so happy about the veggies! We also have a surplus of avocados, so we will most likely be having some guacamole (which is what I like to have instead of cheese while I'm eating less dairy). It makes nachos into a real meal to top them with veggies, and it's delicious! I am so making nachos like this from now on! The last batch we made I added black beans which is also tasty.

For a first stop on my travels I have been quite spoiled! Amazing hosts, beautiful scenery, tasty food and I've played more games than I could have imagined! I'm heading to Portland on Saturday morning and I will be sad to say goodbye to Vermont. I could easily spend another 2 weeks here, probably more!

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