Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rural Life at Farm #1

I've been so busy! It's been quite cloudy and I don't have watch so I have been working based on when I'm hungry or exhausted. My days have been getting longer, first I worked 5 hours and yesterday I worked 7 hours. I learned how to prep a gravel spreader for winter, used a steam pressure washer to clean off the trailer I'm refurbishing, learned how to mount a snow plow onto the truck and learned a bit about 2-stroke engines. Exhausting and awesome day! Then after dinner we played Agricola... so far, loving rural life here on Farm #1!

On Tuesday we had a night on the town, we went to Rutland, VT and ate at Roots. I had a cocktail made with a liquor called ROOTS, which tastes like rootbeer, mixed with a vanilla vodka... it tasted just like a cream soda! I had to remove the straw to make sure I didn't drink it too fast :P Roots is vegetarian and gluten-free friendly with several options for the GF and Veg crowd. Not too many vegan options, there was cheese on or with pretty much everything. I had beet salad (delicious!) and carrot ginger soup and a big bowl of fries... so good! After dinner we walked over to the movie theatre and saw Bridesmaids. It was way funnier than I expected! After the movie we went to the grocery store where I got most of the things I need to make a vegan mac and "cheese" for dinner Friday when we have some friends coming up for a little party weekend. Yay friends! Boardgames will be played (but not too many), countryside will be taken in on foot, and good food will be had. (I've been requested to make marshmallows and we've been talking about making them with maple syrup and coating them in bacon... sounds amazing to me!)

Today the plan is to paint the trailer then I will go to the grocery store (luckily only 15 minutes away... in NY!) and get the things I forgot on Tuesday. (I was playing Plants vs Zombies online instead of making a grocery list, I kicked myself when I was at the store cause I forgot some key things!) I'd also like to read some of this book Dan showed me, The Vertical Farm because I am very interested in urban agriculture (in fact went to landscape architecture school... for one semester... because I really wanted to learn more about it but that's another story!)

Time to carpe diem!

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog so far. This is right upmy alley. I've always been interested in self-sustainability and the marriage of an urban plot to country living. If only I were 25 again.....