Thursday, May 5, 2011

My favorite food (I'm still in Delaware... heading to Vermont, stop #2, in a little more than a week!)

Marshmallows... Ok, they might not count as real food to some people (if we're talking real food then broccoli wins) but marshmallows are really my favorite thing. I made them for the first time about a month ago and today I made my second batch ever. The first time I made them I coated them in toasted coconut. This time I made 2 styles. Plain vanilla and a s'mores style which is coated in graham cracker crumbs and drizzled with 64% dark chocolate. Both are tasty, I assure you :) I made them to take to dinner with friends tomorrow.

Generally I think it's good to learn to make things that you'd normally buy (even if it's more expensive to make it, at least I can say I did it... once!) Marshmallows are dangerously easy to make and one batch makes a whole lot! I like the Alton Brown recipe, found here at the Food Network. Add a little extra vanilla (or try a different flavor!). If I find myself with a surplus of maple syrup and maple sugar someday I really want to try making maple marshmallows... I'm also curious to see if I could make a savory marshmallow, for some reason a rosemary marshmallow sounds awesome.

I'm curious what I'll find to eat on the road. I want to eat as healthily as I can so that means veggies, more veggies and whole grains and beans! I'll be staying with friends and family a lot and on the road solo the rest of the time. My plan is to rely on farm stands, farmer's markets (need to find a map of farmer's markets yet), grocery stores and keeping a little pantry in my car with things like peanut butter and larabars. My mom offered me a cooler to make sure things don't overheat... I haven't decided yet I'll be starting the essentials packing on Monday and will see how much space there is in the car. I'd like to leave enough space to sleep in the car as well as space for at least one passenger too.

I will be in Delaware until next Thursday then plan to stop in York, PA to visit some friends who I met at Yestermorrow doing the natural building program 2 summers ago, then stopping in NYC to have lunch with my old roommate from college then on to Rupert, VT where I will be an assistant caretaker on a small hobby farm for 2 weeks. I'm so excited! But I also have a lot of work/projects to do before I get there so... back to work!


My aunt sent me a link to the site I was trying to remember where you can find farmer's markets all over the US, it's called Local Harvest. I'm really looking forward to experiencing other farmer's markets, especially when I get to the southwest!

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