Monday, May 16, 2011

Day one working on Farm #1 (in VT)

Last night This morning is was beautifully bright in my room so I woke up at 7:30am... when I checked and saw the time I thought "no one else is up yet, I'm going back to sleep!" I then proceeded to sleep until 10:30... oops! I'm sure I needed those extra 3 hours though. Last night we played Settlers of America, a new version of Settlers of Catan, I won! It was a fun game, very dynamic and will be fun to play again now that we got the first learning game out of the way.

After a quick breakfast of pear, sauteed kale and chopped up fresh radish (veggies purchased at the Dorest farmer's market in the rain yesterday), I got a tour of the farm equipment and talked about the compost sieve we're going to make. Did some google searches, watched some YouTube videos and started sketching! Tomorrow Dan and I will go pick up materials for the compost trommel sifter which is based on these two different designs: electric, manual. After sketching and figuring it out I ate a bit more (peanut butter mixed with honey on graham crackers, so yummy!) and wanted to do more work! Figuring we'll be drviing to the hardware store and lumber yard tomorrow I decided to get started removing the rotten wood from a trailer Dan bought recently. The frame is pretty decent, a little rusty, but the wood is all rotted through and in need of an overhaul. Dan set me up with a grinder and the appropriate safety gear and i went to work cutting through 24 lag bolts. Sparks flying, smell of sulfur in the air, back hurting from lack of physical labor lately... it was great! Then after throwing the ball for the Collies a bit (they take a lot of wearing down in order to have them be calm once they are inside) I came in to take a shower, figure out dinner and see what board game we'll play tonight! So far, I'm having a great time! Dan even lent me a book to read while I'm here about Vertical Farming, something I've very interested in, and I'm sharing my Root Cellar book which I have in preparation for the project at Farm #2 (MN) in which I will be building a root cellar (with help from many people, I would hate to have to build it alone!)

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