Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project #1 = complete!

I took these pants I bought at the GAP factory outlet (like 2 years ago) and finally made them into shorts. I was my plan all along so they have been sitting with my sewing stuff unworn, untouched. And now they are shorts, Project # 1 is complete! Unfortunately I can't fit into them at the moment. The desk job was not kind to my waistline!
But that's ok, I'm working on it. I went for a jog this morning and I am thinking about riding my bike to the grocery store now so I can try out some awesome sounding vegan recipes. Like this one for Mac & "Cheese" and one for Cornbread as I have been wanting cornbread for like months now!

This morning I dreamed of Vermont and it was awesome, I'm excited to get there and for now I'm working on projects that I have wanted to do but haven't had the space. Yay for houses instead of apartments! Woot!

I made the vegan mac and "cheese" and vegan cornbread... amazing!!

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