Monday, May 2, 2011

The beginning

A few cuts, some sweeping and lots of stairs later: I am in Delaware, at my mom's house. I have many things to do on my list of "how to get the most out of my "vision quest" but decided today would be about relaxing. I woke up, got my clothes from the dryer, rode my bike to the local Wal-Mart (3.5 miles along highways!) did a little shopping for a couple things I needed and came back home.

Excited to have access to a big, suburban kitchen I started having grand vision of things to cook! I didn't really feel like going to the grocery store, knowing how close it was now I didn't want to drive but I didn't feel like riding again. I decided to work with what I had and what I found in the kitchen... Polenta! And Black beans and salsa. It was delicious but could have used some guacamole (or cheese but I'm trying to be vegan in this vegan household).

I spent the rest of the day reading, lounging around outside, then watched a movie and made dinner for my mom and step-dad. Tomorrow I'm going to set up my sewing machine and start the creative juices flowing and the fingers sewing! It's been way too long and I've had way too little space and now, being here in Delaware, I have no excuses! Time to sew, time to cook! Huzzah!

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