Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leaving Canada

Quick post before we head out! We have been staying in the 1000 Islands area in Ontario (birth place of 1000 Island dressing!). This morning, after a stop at Tim Hortons, we'll be heading to Niagara Falls. We are going to check out the Canadian side and then plan to camp on the US side. We don't have a camp site reservation but because it's a Sunday night we aren't too worried about finding a place to rest our weary heads. It's actualyl been pretty chilly here at night and Ashley doesn't have any camping gear so she's been sleeping in the car - good thing I left space for a bed! My tent has been just as cozy as it was when I spent the summer sleeping in it 2 years ago up in Vermont. (Sigh, Vermont!).

I have the intel on a place in Chicago I can look for a used bike now my concern is that if I get there and they don't have a good bike for me I'm bikeless! I do own another road bike that is currently hangingi n my mom's garage... I'm wondering if it's worth it to ask her to ship it to me in Chicago or if I should just cross my fingers and hope to find a decent used bike in Chicago... Any thoughts or advice? I should be arriving in Chicago in a week. After Niagara we're going to slowly make our way on the highway next to Lake Erie and check out the little towns and camp until we arrive in Cleveland on Wednesday. In Cleveland I'm going to be helping a friend who builds playgrounds all over the country! I get to put my construction hat on again... I love that hat! After that I'm on to Chicago!

Catch ya on the other side!

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