Saturday, June 25, 2011

This may require waking up before 8:30am...

Writing a materials list to get prices and figuring out the details for the root cellar, ack! The hardware store in Maple Lake was great, mad props to Daryl! Now I'm writing up the list and it seems to grow endlessly... I also found this awesome link for how to build a CMU wall which is what we'll be spending most of our time doing! I'm also trying to figure out how many yards of concrete to order, how many CMUs to buy, and what kinds (how many corner bricks, should I get door jamb bricks?) and how long it will take to get things, how long we need to let the concrete cure before we start building... let alone throw in weather and I have no control over that!
I've done a bit of masonry, at Yestermorrow and in Brazil, but never on my own! I'm probably over-thinking it all but that's better than under-thinking it!

Week 1 of 4 is slipping by really quickly! I'm just hoping that me and the young people can do it!

I will try to get some drawings posted up here too so y'all can see what I'm up to!

Shopping List (I'm sure there will be more!):
  • 100 feet - 4" perforated drain tile w/ fabric wrap (drainage for the footing)
  • 6qty. - 2x8 @ 16' boards (appropriate species and grade for footing form-work - clean it and use for interior wall or shelves)
  • 2qty. - 2x8 @ 10' boards (appropriate species and grade for footing form-work - clean it and use to frame the exterior door)
  • 13qty. - 2x10 @ 10' pressure treated (joists for the roof)
  • 2qty. - 2x10 @ 16' pressure treated (end boards for the roof)
  • 3qty. - 2x8 @ 16' - wood foundation material (top plate on the CMU wall)
  • 1qty. - roll adhering waterproofing membrane TAMKO TW-60 for cold weather (alternatively, could we use a paint on membrane?)
  • 8qty. - 8'x4' @" rigid insulation (for the roof and a 2' skirt around the top)
  • 12qty. - L anchor bolts, washers and nuts (connect the top plate to the cinderblock walls 6 on each 15'-6" side, does that seem reasonable?)
  • 16qty. - L anchor bolts (connect the cinder blocks to the poured footing)
  • 8qty - 4'x8' sheets of 3/4" foundation treated plywood (for the roof and a 2' skirt around the top)
  • 1qty. - roll of tape (the kind for sealing rigid insulation joints and screws)
  • 5gal - Drylok (for the exterior)
  • 3qty. - thick nap paint rollers (for the drylok)
  • 4 feet - 4" dia. PVC pipe (for the high and low air vents)
  • 1qty. - metal insulated garage door 3' wide
  • 2qty. - cans of spray insulation foam (for sealing exterior door and holes at vents)
  • 2qty. - tube liquid nails (to attach and seal the bottom edge of the plywood skirt to the CMU wall)
  • 3qty. - trowels for mortaring 8" blocks
  • 30qty. - metal tie bars (to use at corners to tie walls together)
A few items I need help determining quantity:
  • ?qty. - enough mortar for 35 cubic feet
  • ?qty. - enough cement/mortar to fill the top voids to set anchor bolts
  • ?qty. - Stainless Steel 8p ring shaft nails (not sure how much we'll need, do you think 2 pounds is enough? for assembling the wood roof
  • ?qty. - attaching the rigid insulation to the plywood
I will also be calling about getting a delivery of concrete, in order to calculate how many yards of concrete I needed I used this site with its handy lil' calculator. I <3 the internet!

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