Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi from the Land of Lakes!

After 2 days in Columbia, Missouri I drove to Howard Lake, MN in a straight shot on Thursday. Google Maps said 9 hours of driving and including two stops for refueling and a couple stops for bathroom and Subway, I arrived after 10 hours. That's the most driving I've ever done in one day! I was worried about being able to make it but I was fine. I think driving during all daylight hours helped. Then there was rain which I find it easier to drive in somehow because I get extra alert!

I arrived on Farm #2, the Hei-Lo farm that my grandpa lives on along with my aunt and uncle, shortly after 8pm. This is the farm my dad grew up on and I have been visiting every other year since college and the start of the Minnesota Garlic Festival. I said hello to my aunt and uncle who greeted me in the driveway with a few young people: Brendan, Kevin2 and Kelsey. Brendan and Kevin2 worked on the farm last year and now they are doing a CSA on the farm so they come around pretty regularly. Then I went inside to say "hi" to my grandpa. I caught up with the family, washed the 10 hour car ride off and went to sleep on the coziest flannel sheets ever.

On Friday I started drawing up plans for the root cellar and worked with my uncle Jerry to figure out the layout and location. We finally settled on a location and marked it generally with flags to get an idea of size and made plans to hit up the hardware store to see what materials are available. I also met Daniel, who is going to be some extra muscle for the project. He doesn't have any experience in building, but he seems like a smart fella and I'm sure I'll be able to teach him what I know and work with him to figure out the rest! I was invited back to Daniel's house to go pontooning with him, his wife and Brendan and K2 (Kevin2). After they expalined what pontooning is (think, floating livingroom with a motor), I decided to join them!

This is a Pontoon similar to the one we went out on, it didn't go very fast which was nice! I think we might go out on the pontoon on the lake on July 4th which will be nice! The front gate is broken so the two greyhound dogs had to be lifted over the gate! It was pretty entertaining :P

I followed K2 and Brendan in their truck and they made a couple stops on the way. The second stop was to the liquor store. Having forgotten my wallet (and ID) I decided to wait in my car. The boys went in and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. The truck had started to roll backwards! Oh no! Luckily the wheel was turning and the truck was moving into the center of the parking lot (rather than straight back into the parked car behind). I hopped out of my car and ran to the passenger side door, I was hoping for an obvious emergency brake which I didn't see and I couldn't really get to the brake pedal so I ran around the truck and got in and hit the brake. That was more invigorating than using the tablesaw for sure! I sat with the car in the middle of the parking lot waiting for the boys to come out of the store. They didn't take very long but K2 was clearly confused when he stepped out of the store and his truck was no longer in it's parking space! I called out and waved to them that their truck was okay, in the middle of the parking lot.

With smiles of relief and excitement on our faces, we continued on to Pelican Lake where we were welcomed with freshly grilled food and cold beer. We went out on the lake before the sun went down and after a little while headed over to where Daniel's aunt had a fire pit going, we stayed til dark, roasting giant marshmallows Brendan fortunately decided to bring on the boat. We headed back to Daniel's dock and stopped mid lake for some of the boys to take a dip; way too cold to entice me in! When we got back to the house and I noticed the time, 5 minutes to eleven, I asked for directions back.

I ended up driving back the old fashioned way, 3 guys couldn't agree on exactly how to get back so we google mapped it and I got back safe and sound with hand written directions, double checked by google :)

This morning I went to Maple Lake Hardware with my uncle so we could get a feel for the materials availbale and what we might need to order. I did most of the talking with Daryl who helped me out greatly figuring out the details and alternatives and materials I should use. Now I'm going to type up a list of materials and email him and get a price list back, I do have a budget afterall! I'm hoping we can break ground with the digging on Monday! Then we'll be doing some form-work for the footer (16" wide x 8" high), laying some perforated drain pipe and then starting the cinderblock walls! This month is going to fly by!

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