Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Erie, PA

Hello from Erie, Pa! Where ideas are born apparently as I have just come up with a business venture idea... stay tuned for that!
We are camping on the beach on lake erie, right next to the water. Awoken early this morning by a big thunderstorm with winds pushing in the side of my tent. We made a new friend here, Chad, who is up from Pittsburg and might go boating with him soon. Last night we had a fire with real logs not that 2x4 B.S. we got at the KOA in 1000 Islands. This actually burns hot enough to make perfect marshmallows and isn't that the whole reason to have a fire anyway? Today is a lazy day before we head to Cleveland tomorrow and Ashley heads home. I'm really excited for chicago, in part because it turns out my friend Marissa will be there with her husband at the same time I will be! This trip has been full of friends :) though I have always loved cities I'm finding my patience for them weakened so a month on Farm #2, with a big project, will be a nice break from visiting small towns (I'm talking to you Buffalo,NY). its amazing how much more relaxed I am in trees and by water.
Hoping to find some wifi for a full update soon, signing off from the smartphone now (thumbs are tired!)

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