Saturday, June 11, 2011

Epic tale of my new bicyle.

So my cousin Marty and her daughter and I went yard sale shopping this morning. I was looking for a new bike and if I didn't find one I was going to go to Working Bikes when they opened at noon. I wasn't having much luck until the last sale we went to. There was a bright green Schwinn bike with dropped handlebars and "suicide" brakes (the kind I like). The bike is in good shape, clean chain (unlike the first bike I found), the frame is a little bit small for me but I decided it was worth it. I bought the bike for $75 which included a Kryptonite U-lock with the key, and a new Bell cushy seat. Already a steel. I wanted to take it to a bike shop and get a tune up and new wraps on the handlebars (cork instead of foam because my old bike had foam and it just starts to crumble off) and raise the seat. We stopped in to Dan's, the shop closest to Marty's house but they said it would take 2 weeks! I'm only in Chicago for a week so that's no good. So I google maped the other place they mentioned but it only had 2 stars for it's review which made me hesitant. I found another place, Barnard's Schwinn, and they had 5 stars and 38 reviews, a good sign!

The bike I bought at the yard sale with a lock and new seat, in really good shape (no rust spots)

I walk into the bike shop with my new bike and immediately all the guys who work there are impressed with my bike, asking where I got it. When I brought it to the back service counter the guy there told me in a year I'd need to replace the tires and both rims needed to be straightened out a bit, it's the strongest Schwinn frame they made, it's a color only produced for one year (1972) and when I told him I got it for $75 he said I stole it, that as it stands, it's worth $500! He said it's his favorite bike for riding and touring. Then I told him I wanted the seat raised and what work I wanted done on it and he asked me to straddle the bike. I stood over the bike and he could see that it clearly was a little to small for me. He said, "Let me know you something, follow me." I followed him into the back garage which is full of bikes and he moved some things and pointed to a bright green bike. I said "is that the same bike?" He said it's the same one but a bigger frame and he had just finished replacing the whole drive train and it has new tires. I asked him if he'd be willing to trade and he said he would! So we both win, we each come out with the same bike but one that fits each of us better!

Here's the two '72 bikes side by side... what are the chances!

I left the bike there to get the seat dropped down a little and the handle bars wrapped with white cork (it's going to be minty fresh!) and get the U-lock moved from the bike I bought to the new bike. I call this winning!!!

I'm very excited! You can see that he's a bit shorter than me so a smaller bike is better for him and a bigger bike is better for me!

My bike should be done later today or tomorrow, I can't wait to ride again! I will post a picture of it when I get it with its freshly wrapped handles.


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