Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Erie, PA > Cleveland,OH

Just arrived in Cleveland and went to West Side Market (we happen to be arriving on one of the 3 days a week they are open... score!) Got several smoked meat products (veganism on the road is (nay, was) making me too hungry and cranky. I think to be vegan I need to be constantly snacking and I just can't find the time right now!)

Erie was nice actually... we ate at Pufferbelly in downtown. Its an old firehouse now a restaurant with tasty affordable food and decorated with old firefighter gear. They had one of the trampolines for people to land on hanging on the wall, the original fire pole and, my favorite detail, the front door pulls are the spouts of fire hoses! We also went to this awesome little shop with stuff by artists called Glass Growers. It was neat and affordable. We ate breakfast both mornings in Erie at Taki's, tasty cheap breakfast diner food. Then this morning we rented some really uncomfortable cruiser bikes and rode around Pesque Isle. Its so hot and humid out today, in the low 90s... missing Vermont weather and wondering what the weather is like in Colorado (the 2 places I'm considering relocating).

Now we're off to find something to eat, try our General Tso's Chicken flavored chips we brought back from Canada (the Greek flavor chips were delicious!) Then Ashley is heading back to VA with her brother and I'm off to meet up with my friend Nathan. Construction tomorrow is going to be rough... I am not a fan of hot weather! Hopefully I will be able to upload some pictures when I'm at Nathan's hotel tonight... typing on the cell phone isn't easy!

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