Saturday, July 9, 2011

So tired

When you find yourself in Minnesota and someone tells you something is going to be delivered after dinner... that means after lunch! My uncle and more importantly his check book wasn't around when the second to last delivery of goods arrived today! That was hectic but we got it all worked out. Now I have the materials for the roof as well as the perforated drain tile (pipe). It's pretty exciting! Early next week we'll get the material for the shelves inside (so I'll be making a cut list for that soon!)

This morning a cow got stuck again in the fence. I saw it happen. These girls! There is an opening in the interior door of the fence so that when it is open they can get their heads to the drinking water. Well they pulled off the bungee that was put on yesterday because of a similar incident (different cow, same position) where a cow tries to walk through the opening, gets her head and front legs through but trips over the lower bar and gets stuck. Luckily neither of the girls (yesterday or today) broke a leg but what a pain! Hopefully the metal carabiner with twist action will keep this from happening again. It's easier to deal with a few seconds of work every time you open the gate rather than several people's time and the threat of a broken cow leg every time a girl gets so excited for her silage (fermented corn, basically beer for cows... they love it!).

The goal today was to get to the 6th course and drylok (waterproof paint) what we'd finished so far. We just started it in the evening but the sun was beating down on us hard from the West and we both hit the wall... it was time to stop. So we cleaned up, K2 and I went to town so I could buy ice cream and beer and supplies for Mojitos and came back and we got to play Agricola! It was a very close game, I think K2 might beat me soon, and I'm looking forward to the real game on Tuesday- tonight was more of a learning game for Brandon and Dan :)

Building is going well, tomorrow we'll need to finish about 3 courses and then we can finish the last course (well, second to last course) on Sunday morning before Brian the Mason comes after "dinner" to help with the final course.

The plan is to pretty much work everyday and take off the 16th for farm days and a few evenings for games with the boys. Tomorrow night we're going to a celtic music and labryinth walking event, so that should be nice... I'm going to have to request a shoulder massage soon...I'm sore and soon we'll be lifting the cinderblocks even higher- though we might be able to place them from the hill on the side of the root cellar a.k.a. recently as "The Pit".

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