Monday, July 4, 2011

Could I...?

Could I trade blocks for fields? Public transportation for land/space? Light pollution for more stars than I can comprehend?
The past two days have been filled with awesome people, delicous food, intense and beauttiful weather and hard work. It's been awesome. The community of people in and around the farm and Howard Lake has just blown me away; completely unexpected.
Keeping this in mind (here 3 more weeks) for the bigger picture for sure... not sure how I would make a living out here for one... potentially work as a builder... still want to open Kismet Hostel, so perhaps live here seasonally and live "there" seasonally. I still have exploring to do (Colorado, I'm still coming!). Returning to my Minnesotian roots, something to contemplate.
Main downside so far... mosquitoes!

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