Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been busy the past few days!

Sorry my postings have been sporadic and somewhat out of order! I'll post a root cellar summary when the project is done so you can see the whole process in one place :)

This is the bond beam before we filled it in with concrete on Sunday:

The bond beam ties the whole structure together.

Vertical rebar comes through the walls into the final course which is turned into a bond beam by cutting half way down the web of each block, knocking the cuts out with a hammer, then laying the block and placing rebar. The chunks of block that were knocked out are then set inside the block wall to keep the concrete fill (preferably corefill) from filling all the other cores. Making a wet concrete mixture and using buckets, we filled all the vertical cores, slid in long rebar then filled the bond beam and inserted anchor bolts and smoothed the top with a trowel. Easy concept, lots of labor. A wheelbarrow full of concrete is not an easy thing to maneuver, especially up a hill!

Monday we took a day off, we were both exhausted working long hot, hard days... those concrete blocks aren't light, that's for sure! I'm now feeling nice and strong... and looking nice and tan.

On Tuesday we placed the drain perforated tile/pipe, filled the floor with soil, attached the top plates and countersunk them to receive the bolts and washers and we installed the 2 side end plates that sit vertically and the east and west joists.

Wednesday we installed the rest of the joists, it went very smoothly and we were done by lunch!

Dan checking out the joists from inside the root cellar before we close up the roof

then we sheathed it in 3/4" foundation grade plywood (like double pressure treated... it won't be rotting any time soon)

A lovely sheathed cap, awaiting dry weather and membrane, insulation and soil

We also got a delivery of the materials for building the shelves, as well as a door that had been taken off of a project that I got for only $25! So I need to build out a rough opening for that then hang the door and install the door knob. It's an aluminum insulated door.

After we finished up yesterday I went to Runnings Fleet Farm store in Hutchinson, MN to get new boots. My steel toe boots died on Tuesday with a split across the sole of the right shoe- the left one has been leaky since January when I'd walk the 2 blocks to the job site and my left foot would be drenched before I even started work. It was time... and here they are! New leather Carharts! I also bought a new flannel shirt I'm very excited about, one is just not enough :)

New boots, I love constructiony things!
It was dangerous walking down the tool aisles :P

Today it's rainy and I'm hoping to get a chance to play some boardgames and drink mojitos as the original plan for that on Tuesday evening was cancelled due to heath issues... so hopefully this afternoon, games will be played and mojitos made and consumed!

Oh and I downloaded an app for my phone that lets me use my own pictures as icons so that's what I've been doing this morning :P For starters I just made a little polaroid sketch and I'm using that for everything... it's fun, so much time-suck potential!


I also have an update on my travel plans. I got a call from a college friend who started a company in the Colorado Rockies and she's looking for help. So we're talking about me joining her for a trial period and seeing how that works out, so it looks like I might be moving to Colorado for an indefinite period at the end of September!
I will still be spending August in Washington state and hitting up my high school reunion in Portland, OR in the beginning of September. My plans for the fashion classes in Portland is going to go on hold though if I can actually do something in the field of architecture... if things don't work out in CO I can always take those classes at the beginning of next year and if things do work out in CO then I'll be busy there, snowboarding :) I'm just going with the flow. I was thinking though that it's kind of funny... I'd been feeling the call of Colorado so I planned to go through and check it out and then I actually got a call, asking me to come to Colorado with a purpose! Kismet? :)

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