Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day one of laying block on the root cellar

Wow I'm exhausted! I can't believe it was just yesterday that we poured ("placed") the footing! This morning, with the help of K2, we marked out the walls with a chalk line and added more rebar generously given by Brian (The Mason). Then a friend of my aunt and uncle and grandpa, Mark, came by and helped for a couple hours before lunch. We did a dry layout to figure out where to drill for the additional rebar and lay the corner blocks at the back (West) wall. After lunch I decided that I needed to work alone for a bit to get back into the masonry swing of things. I was able to get in the zone and get my mortar just the right sticky-iness (when you scoop it up on the trowel it should stick when you hold it upside down). So far I think I used 5 bags of mortar today, and I got started on the second course (row/layer/level). The plan is 10 courses, the gap in the block near the front is where the door will be. There will also be an insulated interior wall creating a cooler, more insulated back room. The shelves have been designed and now I need to order materials for that as well. Tomorrow I will be laying more block, ordering some more materials and installing the lower vent. I need to put in a perforated drain tile around the outside as well and the plan is to paint the exterior with dry-lock to help keep the moisture controlled... which means I need to paint as I go because there's only about 4 inches of space outside the footing and I can't fit back there!

Here is where I reached at the end of the day. Those 3 blocks in the back were brought in by Mike who was checking out the root cellar and I said there was a new rule that if you were going to look at it you had to bring in a block to the back :) I think I need to enforce this new rule, it will prove very helpful as people stop by to check out my progress!

So much to do:
- install vents
- finish block wall
- build wood roof
- membrane and insulate roof
- build interior shelves
- build front retaining wall with bench

I have less than 3 weeks here yet before I head to Wisconsin... I'm going to need some help... perhaps I can get someone to work on cutting the wood for the shelves since the walls are going up now and we'll have dimensions to work with!

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