Thursday, September 15, 2011


I forgot to mention that I had a phone interview last Tuesday with a company in Salem, Oregon. I then had an interview in-person in the same firm on my way back to Portland. I think it went pretty well and I really want the job. It would be a great next step for my career, Salem is pretty central to all things in OR I would like to have access to (Portland, the beach, my brother, the mountains). I mailed hand written thank you cards on Monday, and they said they would be making a decision in the next two weeks.

Assuming they can read my beautiful tiny block letters; I think they should be well received. I even made my own thank you cards that match my resume letter head and references letterhead!

There was a stack of old yearbooks, which was nice to flip through, we also watched our senior video... I think it made some people nostalgic... it made me happy that high school is over :P

My high school reunion was Saturday the 10th. It started out a little awkward, people I haven't seen in 10 years, people I hadn't even seen in high school, people who I'm friends with on facebook but don't actually know what they are up to and people who I know what they have been up to because of Facebook but that doesn't mean we're friends or anything.

Facebook has a strange effect on reunions I gotta say. I think I had the most fun catching up with people who I haven't seen since (who aren't on facebook) and catching up with people who I kind of knew before and am friends with on Facebook but don't see much of their updates. Part of the excitement of a reunion is the mystery (for me, where it was not about "connecting with old friends" cause I didn't really hang out with anyone outside of high school except for a couple people who I knew weren't going to be there) or seeing what people have been up to since school. The mystery is less veiled with Facebook around. I'm glad I went, I hope you will go to yours despite Facebook!

My dad and step-mom are heading to my step brother's wedding this weekend so I'll be staying at the house in Beaverton to watch the cats (best cats in the world, Xena and Xerxes). After that I will either be moving to Salem to start my new job (fingers crossed!) or staying in Portland trying to find some kind of income. Maybe the fabric store that I contacted back in July will still be open to hiring me, then I can at least stop spending all my money and have some income while I keep looking for other work and moonlight doing some of my own projects... and taking a Project Management Certificate series of courses at Portland State University I found a couple days ago.

No shortage of options, I'm pretty much waiting now. Meanwhile I started going to the Bally's gym near my dad's house, getting going running again because my brother, sister-in-law and I are signing up for a 5K in October, then a 10K in the Spring (and maybe I'll try for a half marathon next fall?). Plus all my friends here are employed so in the daytime I have to keep myself occupied... I just gessoed an old canvas, so we'll see what I start to paint. I'm looking forward to this weekend, I'm going to go to Saturday Market! I'm thinking about riding Minty Fresh to the MAX then riding around Portland. Tonight I'm meeting a high school buddy for German food... beer und sausage und mustard mmmm!

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