Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Great American Road Trip: Planning stages

Hi! Welcome to my blog for my road trip! I'm leaving Brooklyn in May and planning to return in November... or maybe December :)

I have just drawn up a general plan for the big loop. I have some projects I'll be working on along the way and some events to attend (10 year high school reunion, say what?!) and friends to visit scattered about this great BIG country.

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Why you say?

Seaford, DE - This is the starting point where my mom is (and so is my car!), I might even have some work to do on my mom's house
Chicago, IL - I was in Chicago for like a day last summer and loved it, time to go back with a little more time to look around (and hang out with my cousin!)
Howard Lake, MN - building a root cellar with my uncle, a project we've been talking about for a while now and due to my stated of employed-ness I finally have time for! This will probably be my longest stay anywhere, (a month or more) actually I will be more focused on getting to MN at the beginning because of the big project and wanting to make sure I can get to my next destination in reasonable luxurious time.
Port Townsend, WA -approx. Aug 1 - 20 - helping a friend work on his cabin, doing some design and some interior finish work; might even pop down to Seabeck to go to church camp
Portland, OR - 10 Year High School Reunion! Crazy, right... dang, I've lived in Brooklyn for a long time :P
Springfield, OR - I can't be out West and not visit my little brother and his awesome wife!
Sea Ranch, CA - Architecture nerd :)
Pahrump, NV - My friend, Bridgette, who I haven't seen in like 4 years (and hadn't seen for like 5 years when I met up with her in London) recently had a baby and I want to meet him and see her!
Arches National Park, UT - I have always wanted to go here!
Boulder, CO - I have considered moving to CO but have never been... so I'm going to take a look around
Austin, TX - I have a couple friends here I met on my trip to Brazil... and it's supposed to be pretty cool!
New Orleans, LA - I've never been. That's a good enough reason right?! It's New Orleans!
Birmingham, AL - Auburn University has a 1 year long Masters of Design/Build that I've been thinking about applying to. I thought I'd visit and learn more about the program and the 2 tracks (design and construction) to see if it makes sense for me and my "career path"

There will be more stops of course, but these are some of the major (and minor) ones.

Approximately 9,000 miles... Ride shares, maybe some WWOOFing, scavengeing, definitely some couch surfing and camping :) If you can't do a huge long road trip when you're single, don't have kids and don't have a full time salaried job... when can you?! Retirement? Yeah, I don't want to wait that long...

If there are any awesome places that I just have to see in my travels please let me know! I've never done this before and don't know what all is out there... inform me! Please :)

Next step, car insurance and AAA membership (roadside assistance? yes please!) and finding a subletter!

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